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Training tips by Jasmin Nunige

You want to prepare ideally for the Swissalpine Irontrail? Then check out the training tips from professional athlete Jasmin Nunige here!

Alternative Training program?

If you are not yet in the middle of your upcoming running season, you are most probably about to start preparing for it. The structure of the training usually starts with a basic endurance block followed by shorter and more intense intervals during spring time in order to prepare for the races. Nevertheless, I would like to introduce a completely different method to you which is mainly used for triathlon, cycling and increasingly also for running. The training is also known as "Périodisation inversée".

What does that mean?

Instead of starting with a basic long duration training in a very low intensity range, a training with a higher intensity and speed is maintained. Strength and speed are supported by shorter units. The second phase includes longer sessions while still keeping the intensity.

You first learn to walk faster on shorter distances in order to be able to increase the speed while running over longer distances.

This type of training is particularly suitable for athletes which have trained already for several years and therefore show a certain level. In addition to that this type of training is ideal in our region. Due to the cold winter weather it is much more pleasant to complete shorter but more intense units. Mentally you remain fresh and motivated to start the spring training and then increase the duration as well as the extent of the training sessions.

Training examples:

2-3 times 8min, 20 "fast, 20" easy, break sessions: 3min easy footing

This training is suitable in the area as well as uphill.

4-6 times 3min speed running, active break: 1min30
3-4 times 6min speed running, active break: 2min30

Like this you can increase from week to week, either the load duration or the repetitions.


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