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Swissalpine - running spectacle in three series

The route is paved for the ultimate racing event in the Alps - the Swissalpine Marathon and the Swiss Irontrail will be merged in 2017 and will take place under the new Swissalpine® Davos umbrella brand.

For the runners, a new running festival will be held between 23rd and 30th July 2017 with highlights from both events! With the merger, the individual races could also be further refined - there will be three new running series under the umbrella brand, which have different characteristics:

  • Faster mountain running with competition character
  • Somewhat tight time limit
  • Short sections through high alpine terrain
  • Numerous refreshment stations (4-6km)
  • Time measurement with chip and various intermediate times
  • No Nordic walking sticks permitted
  • Ultrarunning with an adventurous character
  • Moderate time limit
  • Long autonomous sections in high alpine terrain
  • Targeted refreshment stations with a large assortment (5-25km)
  • Time measurement with chip and sporadic intermediate times; full-time verification by means of tracking
  • Nordic Walking sticks permitted
  • Various route lengths with trail character
  • Large time limit (enabling an enjoyable hike)
  • Short sections in alpine terrain
  • Refreshments available at distances between 5-15km
  • Time measurement with chip and various intermediate times
  • Nordic walking sticks (and also walking) permitted


General information

Here you can find all other important information about the race.

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