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Terms and conditions of use

Please read the following conditions of use for carefully before continuing.  Persons using (hereafter referred to as the ‘website’) declare that they are unconditionally in agreement with the following conditions of use.

Ownership of the website Swissalpine and copyrights
The website Swissalpine and all its elements (especially the author, brands and other rights) belong either to Swissalpine, to other affiliated organisations or have been used with the permission of their owners. No material taken from Swissalpine or from another address which is managed, licensed or controlled  by the aforementioned persons may be used except for purposes of browsing and then only for private, non-commercial use. Alterations to the Swissalpine website or other manipulations of the site are an infringement of copyright regulations.

No guarantee
Swissalpine exercises care that the content of the website Swissalpine contains only accurate information.  However, it is not possible to guarantee users that the information is always reliable or complete.  Opinions or other information on the website can be altered at any time without prior warning. 

Links to web pages and third parties
Certain links lead to third-party websites over which Swissalpine has no control.  These websites have not been scrutinised by Swissalpine.  Swissalpine is therefore in no way liable for their content, products and services or usefulness.  Such links are only available for general information and user-friendliness.  Users must take full responsibility for any consequences for linking up with such websites.

Swissalpine exercises care to ensure that the website is complete, without errors and up-to-date.  However, Swissalpine takes no responsibility for the site’s being up-to-date or the accuracy of any of its content.  Inaccuracies, omissions or typographic errors can often not be avoided. The site further accepts no liability for broken or  interrupted services when accessing the Swissalpine website due to: (i) users’ unsuitable soft or hard ware,  (ii) users applying  incorrect procedures, (iii) an inability to maintain internet contact, (iv) loss of connection due to third parties, (e.g. maintenance work by telecom technicians),  (v) disruptions emanating from Swissalpine but with prior warning due to maintenance work or the installation of new technology or simply unanticipated ‘acts of God’.  Furthermore, no liability can be accepted should Swissalpine not repair any faults nor can the Swissalpine website or its servers be held in any way liable for containing damaging components or viruses.  Visiting the Swissalpine site and utilising information or taking advantage of offers therein take place under the sole responsibility of each individual user.

Data protection
Data security conforms to the normal standards and has no high priority for Swissalpine. Basically, website users should decide for themselves how much personal information they wish to give. Should an order be placed, Swissalpine must ask for certain, personal data. Should the order then be dealt with by a third party Swissalpine will pass on the required information to them. For this purpose Swissalpine is automatically empowered to pass on such information. Personal data will be handled in confidence.

In connection with the loyalty programme, we are also entitled to automatically match addresses in order to determine the number of events staged by members of the Swiss Runners Association in which you have participated during a calendar year. The data obtained from this process will be used solely to implement the loyalty programme (determining the number of participations, sending out vouchers). You can find more information about the loyalty programme on our website. If you do not wish to take part in the loyalty programme, you may notify us to this effect by writing to the following address:

Postfach 536
CH-7270 Davos Platz

Swissalpine uses Google Analytics, a marketing analysis service from Google Inc. Swissalpine would draw attention to the fact that by visiting our website and reading newsletters visitors’ data is automatically provided to us in order for us study the usage characteristics of visitors to our website. 

Should problems occur, or if visitors have questions about the use of our website they are requested to contact us on: webswissalpinech or to call our office.

Changes and additions
Swissalpine can alter or add to the above cautions in part or fully. The current cautions are published on our Swissalpine website. It is recommended that visitors frequently check the information and that they are aware of the current content.

Applicable law
Over all privity of contract with users, with the exception of orders placed by users and under exclusion of Article 19 of the Swiss Federal Law regarding Private International Law only Swiss Law is applicable.

© Swissalpine, November 2014


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