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Ready, Set, Swissalpine!

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Although the Swissalpine route is still under a thick blanket of snow, in the lowlands there are already the first spring harbingers here and there. With the warming sunbeams nothing keeps us in the fitness center. Adieu winter training, and on with the new running shoes!

From Adrian S. Rossi

Which runner does not know this: with the shorter days it is not always easy to complete ones beloved route. If snow is added to the equation, it becomes even more difficult. And last but not least, on the festive holidays, the inner evil grows unexpectedly powerful. Although winter training indoors is also efficient, it's much more fun to work out in the fresh air and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

If you live in the mountains, you probably have to wait a bit longer, but all "flatlanders" will be happy about the longer days, the already warmer temperatures and the snow- and ice-free surfaces, heralding the ideal conditions to really launch your Swissalpine Irontrail training. Rarely are the conditions for crisp interval training better than now. As we all know, these (rarely beloved) training units along with longer endurance runs are an important building block in a successful Swissalpine training plan. They provide the necessary power and liveliness, regardless of whether you have decided for 10 or 88 kilometers.

You have not yet decided on a Swissalpine Irontrail route? Never mind, you still have enough time! But beware: You can only benefit from the reduced registration fees until 31st March, 2019. Everything on offer is what the runner's heart desires. The T88 is the supreme discipline, but there is the right track for every taste. And if you would like to get into trail running, the preliminary competitions of 20th July 2019 are highly recommended.

What does your training look like? What is your opinion of winter training and are you looking forward to spring or is there only bad equipment for you but not bad weather conditions? We are interested in your opinion! Discuss with us in our community on Facebook.

Sincerely, Your Adi of the Swissalpine Irontrail





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