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Swissalpine Irontrail® Regulations

The following is valid for the Swissalpine Irontrail® competition.
Status: December 2018

1. Organiser   

The organiser of the Swissalpine Irontrail® is:
Swissalpine (association)
Gäuggelistrasse 20
7000 Chur

2.   Requirements of the Participants

2.1.  All Competitive Events   
The competitions take place in an alpine, in parts even high-alpine terrain. This requires the participants to make a corresponding adjustment in terms of caution, equipment and running management.

The Start is at the own responsibility of the participants. In particular, participants are responsible for their own health, for the state of training and for the equipment itself. All participants are expected to
a) adapt to the weather conditions and individual needs and to protect against rain, cold and sun;
b) abandon the race as soon as it becomes a health risk to them;
c) behave in an environmentally sound manner and do not dump waste in the open nature;
d) provide first aid to other participants if they have an accident or have health problems.

The following minimum age limits apply:

• T88: from 18 years of age
• Remaining competitions: from 14 years of age
• KIDS: from 4 years of age

An acclimatization of ideally 5 days above 1'500 m above sea level is highly recommended for competing in the longer competitions.

Infectious diseases (angina, flu, etc.) contracted before a race can significantly reduce the ability to perform and cause serious health hazards (e.g., myocardial injury). Anyone suffering from such a condition 6 to 8 weeks prior to a race should consult a doctor. For those over 35 years of age who are running a long run for the first time, a thorough medical examination is strongly recommended.

2.2. T43 / K43
These present with its several hours of endurance up to a height of 2'750 m above sea level special requirements in the performance of the participants. It also requires adaptability and personal autonomy in the mountains.

2.3. T88
This is a long and high-alpine trail. It presents an adventure characteristic where participants consciously take greater risks. There are single steep ascents / descents, which require sure-footedness and good alpine experience.

To master this trail, good training condition is essential. It also requires a strong sense of orientation, extreme adaptability and personal autonomy in the mountains.

Participants will be travelling alone and autonomously over long distances. Autonomy refers to the ability of participants to find their way around the course in all weather conditions, to make their own decisions (including race assignment), to provide their own food and to afford themselves with a first aid emergency kit.

3.   Services of the Organiser

3.1.  Infrastructure 
The organiser provides the participants with the following infrastructure:
Marked running routes
Catering (on the way and at the Finish)
• Medical services

• Transport or deposit of running gear and luggage at the Finish
• Weather information during the race
• Timing at intermediate stations as well as at the Finish
• Live tracking for T88

3.2. Catering
Intermediate and Finish catering will be provided as follows:
T88 / T43 / T29 / H20 / H17 / H10: Ø 8 km (5 – 12 km)
K43 / K23: Ø 5 km (4 – 7 km)

Before the event the refreshment station plan including locations will be published on the internet. They are also entered in the route maps. The organiser can adjust the catering plan at any time without prior notice.

Participants have to make sure that they always carry enough food and drinks with them.

3.3. Medical Services
Depending on the character of running or the trail, and the spatial and temporal extent of the race, the medical service is limited to coaching of the participants, first aid in case of emergencies / accidents and illnesses, as well as the deployment of civilian rescue services. The medical service has the right to take participants out of the race for a certain time, or permanently, in the case of risk or damage to their health. In the case of emergencies or medically prescribed exclusions, the costs of care and evacuation by the medical service or the civilian rescue services are borne by the participant.

4.   Equipment

In the mountains, weather conditions can change rapidly. A temperature drop to below freezing with snowfall is possible above 2000 m above sea level at any time. Good sun, heat and rain protection is essential in all competitions.

4.1. Mandatory Equipment
The following equipment is obligatory for the T88 (including the category «Couple»):
• Mobile phone (with stored emergency number and always on)

• Raincoat

Bottle/water pouch
Headlamp with spare batteries
Rescue blanket (at least 1.40m x 2m)
• Elastic bandage for emergency bandaging (at least 200cm x 4cm)
• Emergency whistle
• GPS tracker (on loan)

For T43 / T29 / H17 / H20, the following equipment is obligatory:
• Bottle/water pouch

The complete mandatory equipment must be carried along the entire race. It is prohibited to deposit any equipment item during the race. The equipment can be checked by the organizer at any time. If the entire or single items of the mandatory equipment will not be carried along, the athlete will be disqualified immediately.

4.2. Recommended Equipment
For the T88: Backpack, warm long sleeves, hat, gloves, sunglasses, sun cream, walking sticks.

For K43: Raincoat and water bottle / pouch.

4.3. Use of walking sticks
Walking sticks may be used on all routes (except KIDS).

5.   Routes and Accompaniment

5.1. Performance Security
Depending on the external conditions, the organiser offers the participants the highest possible implementation security by taking appropriate measures. He is entitled, at short notice and without an entry fee refund, to:
a) make route changes;
b) interrupt and resume the race; 
c) stop the race or not to start at all.

5.2. Route Information
The official track data (length, elevation difference) are determined in cooperation with Outdooractive. Data measured with a GPS may vary considerably depending on the device, weather conditions and the quality of the measurements.

5.3. Knowledge and Experience of Routes and Traffic Regulations
An in-depth study of the track is indispensable, especially for T88. Participants must be able to find the course on the map. This is especially important if the route marking is missing due to wind or external influences.

For safety reasons, the course must not be deviated from. It will be closed according to the times specified in the timetable (outgoing items). Participants who are late, are removed from the race by authorised personnel. Continuing on the running track is also strictly prohibited without correct registration, or against orders from the organiser.

The race often involves running along roads and the relevant traffic rules must be observed.

5.4. Accompaniment and Support
Personal support from care-givers is only allowed in the vicinity of the catering zones. Running as a pacemaker is not allowed.

Dogs and prams are not permitted.

6.   Miscellaneous

6.1. Lost Property
Lost property must be handed in or collected at the Information stand during the event. It cannot be kept or forwarded.

6.2. Doping Control
The organiser is entitled to carry out doping controls. Participants are subject to Swiss Olympic Anti-Doping Rules and recognise the exclusive jurisdiction of the Swiss Olympic Disciplinary Commission for Doping Cases:

6.3. Protests
These must be submitted in writing to the race director at a cost of CHF 50.00, at the latest one hour after the Finish line has been reached.

6.4. Disqualification
Anyone who leaves the running track, does not abide by the rules or instructions of the race director, behaves in an unsportsmanly manner or practices doping abuse will be disqualified. The race jury makes the final decision on disqualification..

6.5. Place of Jurisdiction
The place of jurisdiction is Chur. Swiss Law is valid.

7.   Data Protection

By registering, participants agree to the publication of their surname, first name, year of birth, place of residence and nationality in the start or ranking lists and the duration of the event. This consent is valid for publication on the Internet, in print media, in TV / Teletext, in speaker announcements as well as for the posting of start or ranking lists during the event. This is done in connection with the Swissalpine Irontrail® Photos and filming may be used, without compensation claims, on the Internet, in print media, TV and all other social media. The organiser reserves this right, unless the participants expressly object in writing to using the said personal data for marketing purposes.

8.   Registration

8.1. Cancellation
In the event of Start prevention for any reason (such as accident, illness), the entry fee cannot be refunded or transferred to the following year. It is therefore recommended to take out a cancellation insurance policy.

8.2. Confirmation
By registering, the participant clearly confirms:
a) to have studied the running course and to be aware that the competitions are taking place in alpine or high-alpine terrain;
b) to accept the refusal of any liability of the organiser towards participants;
c) to know and follow the regulations.

The participants of the T88 also confirm:
d) to know the nature of the trail and the associated greater risks;
e) to have sure-footedness and a good level of training and health;
f) that they are able to estimate the weather development in the high mountains, to behave and equip accordingly;
g) the high self-responsibility regarding health status, training level, and to be aware of equipment, autonomy in the mountains and the environment.

9.   Liability and insurance

The organiser declines any liability towards participants for any accidents, damage to health or other damages of any kind. In particular, any liability for the luggage transported by the organiser is excluded. The organiser also rejects any liability towards spectators or third parties for damages of any kind. All participants have to insure themselves against illness and accident. The insurance must include cover for the costs of rescue and recovery.


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