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Start Number Distribution


T43:Fri 20.07.2018
Sat 21.07.2018
Promulins Arena Samedan                      
T29:Fri 20.07.2018
Sat 21.07.2018
Sat 21.07.2018
Promulins Arena Samedan

Tourist Office St. Moritz
H16:Fri 20.07.2018
Sat 21.07.2018
Promulins Arena Samedan

Main Event

All races:Thu 26.07.2018
Fri 27.07.2018
Congress centre Davos                                
T127:Fri 27.07.201821.30-23.30Promulins Arena Samedan
T88:Fri 27.07.2018
Sat 28.07.2018
Promulins Arena Samedan
Tourist Office St. Moritz
T39:Sat 28.07.201819.00-20.00School Bergün
K43:Sat 28.07.201806.30-07.30Ice Stadium South Davos
K23:Sat 28.07.201807.30-09.15«Kaffee Klatsch» Klosters (at the «Gotschnabahn»)
K10:Sat 28.07.201809.00-11.30Ice Stadium South Davos
H21:Sat 28.07.201809.00-11.30Ice Stadium South Davos
H20:Sat 28.07.201808.00-10.00Sports area Ochsenbühl Arosa

Late entries and change of registrations are possible on-site for all races.

Starting numbers are personal, must be displayed throughout the race and be clearly visible on the participant's chest, stomach or thigh. They entitle participants to refreshments, medical care, entry to rest areas, showers and baggage drop-offs as well as travel by public transport. It is prohibited to give the personal Starter’s number to another person. Participants must collect their Starter’s numbers personally.

Disposable Timing Chips for all Events
The timing chip is integrated into the starting number and does not have to be returned.

Tracker for T127/T88
The tracker device enables electronic tracking, and must be returned immediately by the participant after reaching the Finish line. Participants will be charged CHF 50.00 for trackers which are not returned. The tracker must be returned by participants in to the stewards at the Finish line in Davos, after withdrawal from the race, or after disqualification from the race.

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